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20lb Weighted Vest
GoFit weigthed vests are a great addition for resistance to a workout. Use during aerobics, football, or even for training into academy for firefig...

Hyper Sexy Vest
The Hyper Vest SXY is designed to flatter a woman’s body and features a scoop neck for added comfort and style. Wear this vest with only a sports b...

Hyper Vest Pro
The Hyper Vest PRO employs a patented control system and fabric that allows you to continuously engage in active movement. The vest’s individually-...
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Why invest in strength equipment?

Strength training helps to tone muscles and encompasses a vast amount of exercises by using free weights, resistance bands, home gyms, or functional trainers. To build strength or increase muscle mass consider adding some weight into your fitness program so you can achieve the results you want. To tailor your own program at home consider the selection at Western Fitness where a variety of free weights, dumbbells, home gyms, cages, resistance bands, and benches are available for you to choose from.