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Active Sit Cushion
The Classic Sit Disc is your best bet for a wide range of uses. Incorporate it into your workout to increase instability and up the intensity. It's...

Bongo Board
An exciting expert level balance trainer! The Bongo Board is a maple plywood board with a polypropylene undercarriage. It has a urethane roller wit...

Core Disk
This 13" Core Disk is an excellent tool to add an extra level of difficulty to any workout including Yoga or Pilates routines. Easy to clean rubber...

Giding Discs
Gliding Discs suitable for use on carpet. Transforms exercise movements into smooth, graceful lines of flowing motion. The Gliding sliding disc exe...

Pro Wood Wobble Board
Personal trainers and physical therapists from around the world recommend Fitterfirst balance training fitness equipment and rehabilitation aids. E...

Wood Wobble Board
Made of premium laminated hardwood, the highly-portable Wobble Board has a durable, slip-resistant surface that's easy-to-clean. The high-impact po...
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Why invest in rehabilitation equipment?

For those going through physio or needing equipment that accommodates a limited range of motion Western Fitness offers specific rehabilitation fitness equipment and products that are wheelchair accessible. This section has filtered through all our fitness equipment products so you can see what our medical clients recommend and show a preference towards. From cardio pieces to little accessories you’ll find the items that will work better for you during recovery.

(At Western Fitness we believe interaction and full communication between a patient and their healthcare professional is vital to a healthy recovery. Please consult your physiscian, therapist, or doctor beforehand so we can help you find the proper equipment and not possibly cause further injury.)