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Dual Grip Xerball
Dual-handle, easy-grip medicine balls provide plenty of med ball training options. They are the perfect choice for performing rotational abdominal ...

Medicine Balls
The SPRI Xerball® Medicine Ball is a unique and versatile total body training tool that helps develop muscular strength, endurance, power, stab...

Engineering this powerhouse of a workout product was no small task. The Hyperwear SandBell, at its most basic level, is the combination of strength...

The steel shot inside the SteelBell moves around in the bag faster than sand, which increases the instability and grip characteristics as you try t...
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Why invest in core or balance equipment?

Balance training & core strength training help to engage muscles that will improve posture and target your center for more stability. Through isolating your muscles you can train your body to have better balance and build coordination between the hips, abdomen, and back. To work your core effectively it’s important to have proper form and use the right fitness equipment.  From exercise balls to kettlebells, medicine balls, kettleballs, chin-up bars, TRX, balance boards, sit discs, and Bosu balls Western Fitness has a variety of items to choose from that will help with both balance and strength.