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Battle Rope

The GoFit Combat Rope is color fast and non-abrasive—perfect for indoor and outdoor training. The non-shedding nylon/polyester rope is ultra durable; securely braided to a diameter of 1.5 inches and a length of 40 feet. The ample, industrial-strength handles are permanently fixed—fused onto the rope with a special shrink-tight process. Their soft, smooth texture helps you keep your grip even during the toughest workout. The Total Body Workout laminated training flip book, included with your GoFit Combat Rope, not only provides professionally-developed exercises but also helpful usage instructions. Whether you are a professional athlete or just hoping to get in better shape, the GoFit Combat Rope will get results. Push yourself or pace yourself, controlling your own level of training to meet your individual goals.

SKU: GFBattleRope
Manufacturer: GoFit
Weight: lbs
Colour: Available Sizes are • 35 Feet / 2 Inch Diameter • 40 Feet / 2 Inch Diameter • 40 Feet / 1.5 Inch Diameter