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Hyper Sexy Vest

The Hyper Vest SXY is designed to flatter a woman’s body and features a scoop neck for added comfort and style. Wear this vest with only a sports bra, on top of or underneath clothing—it’s so thin no one will even know you’re wearing it. The Hyper Vest SXY contours to and moves with your body so it won’t interfere with your workouts. The SXY weight vest comes in three different designs to fit your personal style, whether you’re looking to turn heads, make a statement or be the next fitness fashionista! See the weight vest sizing chart at the bottom of this page if you’re unsure of your size. The Hyper Vest SXY is available in the following colors and sizes, every Hyper Vest SXY is sold loaded with 5 lbs. of weight.

SKU: SxyVest
Manufacturer: Hyperwear
Weight: lbs