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Hyper Vest Pro

The Hyper Vest PRO employs a patented control system and fabric that allows you to continuously engage in active movement. The vest’s individually-pocketed weights are held firmly to your core. Its horizontal elasticity around your chest allows for full chest expansion. The breathable, wicking fabric serves to step up comfort and versatility. Even better the load is fully adjustable. The design of the Hyper Vest PRO evenly distributes weight over the body’s core. As a result, wearing the vest feels as comfortable as a compression shirt, acting like a weighted layer on top of your core.

Vest Size Weight Range Height Range Weight Capacity
Small 90-130lbs 5' - 5' 4'' 23lbs
Medium 130-170lbs 5' 4'' - 5' 9'' 26lbs
Large 170-210lbs 5' 9'' - 6' 4'' 34lbs
XL 210lbs.+ 6' 4''+ 46lbs
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Manufacturer: Hyperwear
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