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Revmaster Pro Spinbike

Designed like great road bikes, all LeMond exercise and training bikes offer user-friendly adjustments and innovative cycling programs to make a workout and training program more effective. For maximum riding comfort the LeMond RevMaster offers a new narrower crank design replicating the geometry of a great road bike. New cam handles and increased adjustment ranges to seat and handlebars create the best custom fit available to give you greater muscle involvement. The 4-way microfit lets you cycle in an upright position or pedal stretched out and low, which is ideal for triathletes. Improved corrosion resistance by using electroless nickel plating and a new 2 piece bottom bracket cartridge make the RevMaster Pro even easier to maintain and service.

Premium Features:

  • X-Frame for a better ride
  • Cam Handles
  • Corrison Resistant
  • Kevlar Belt instead of chains
  • BMX Custom Cranks

To better track your progress check out the Revmaster Pilot II to view your workout statisitics

SKU: RevPro
Manufacturer: Lemond
Weight: lbs
Dimensions: 60"L x 48" W x 29" H
Shipping Details: Additional Pilot Accessory Available