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The 10 Minute Challenge

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Have you heard the expression “10 Seconds is enough?” Well....when we think about exercising let’s start with 10 minutes.

Can you afford 10 minutes of exercise a day to dedicate to your well-being and extend your life expectancy by almost 2 Years???? I hope so!

According to various studies 10 minutes of exercise a day can make a big difference to your health. Tanya Berry the Canadian Research Chair in physical activity promotion, reported the greatest barrier to physical activity was time. Berry added that for many people, physical activity isn’t something they enjoy and it’s not a priority for them so motivation becomes a major issue.

Based on a sample of 650,000 men and women aged 40 and over in Sweden and the US, let’s look at the recent stats:

  • Walking briskly for 75 minutes/ week or 10 minutes/day: adds 1.8 yrs of life expectancy
  • Walking briskly for 450 minutes/week or about 60 minutes/day: adds 4.5 more years to life
    (*brisk walking is defined as walking which increases body temperature and causes perspiration)

Researchers also considered weight and found:

  • Being active and a normal weight (based on body mass index)was associated with an increase of 7.2 years of life
  • A normal weight person who is inactive could face a loss of 4.7 years of life
  • Additional benefits: exercise triggers a change at the cellular level which repairs aging tissue thus enabling the body to fight and possibly prevent diseases such as cancer

    As someone who sits behind a desk hours on end, I can relate totally to the need for motivation. Good intentions get us nowhere. I am setting a pre-New Years resolution to feel better and live longer by walking 10 minutes a day. I hope you do too. If you have any comments regarding the article I would be happy to hear from you.

    ~ Submitted by Patricia Zip, RN, MN, CRN(c) Associate Professor University of Regina and SIAST.

    For a summary of the report go to:


    (as found on the CBC web page: go to: site map...News...Health....Extending Life Expectancy”)

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